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Live Alive Therapy™

The practice of embodied well being.

Live Alive Therapy™ works with somatic techniques to increase an individuals capacity for embodiment which is the foundation for adaptive and resilient relationships.

Based on your treatment plan or your intention for seeing Lea, sessions can include somatic bodywork, energy work, embodiment practices, shamanic ritual, meditation, and wellness coaching.

Essential Practices™ are exercises I have developed or have been trained in that increase embodiment, and aid in the movement of stagnant or stuck energies. These practices also invite the exploration of boundaries, develop diverse approaches to engagement, and expand our self-responsibility.  When we feel safe, capable, and adaptable we enjoy life and our relationships.

These exercises are done as self-practices however it is best to learn them within a group setting.

The Essential Self, Cornish Maine on March 10th and April 7th, 2018 4-6pm, contact Lea livealivetherapy@gmail.com and register in advance.

Essential Dance™ supports the clearing, movement, and awakening of energy.  This is a dance practice that is held within a sacred container of ritual and shamanic journey which is facilitated by breath, sound, and movement.

Live Alive
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Live Alive Therapy™ is a sacred container where you can investigate your truth and manifest greatness.

Lea Moon
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Lea Moon creates a loving environment for your self exploration.

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Lea Moon


If you are new to Live Alive Therapy™ call to schedule a slot at the next FREE Clinic or book an intake session.


About Live Alive Therapy™

What to Expect?

Live Alive Therapy™ is a unique therapeutic approach that incorporates thoughtful listening, reflective feedback, energy work and somatic techniques to increase an individuals capacity for embodiment. This process awakens life force energy, clears blockages, increases awareness, and expands our capacity to be authentic in our relationships.

  • Practical support

  • Thoughtful listening & reflection

  • Somatic body work and exercises

  • Support making sustained change

  • Hands on healing or energy work

  • Journey work into meditative states

I listen to your story and assess what is presenting at the moment and in your recent history in order to track how it’s impacting you.

At our initial session, I will take a brief history so we can find the origins of any problematic manifestations of dis-ease. This will help me make informed choices about your suggested care and treatment plan.

Lea Moon

Together we will determine how you would like to be cared for during your session. I reflect back my observations or invite the exploration of different therapeutic techniques that might be supportive in bringing more awareness, vitality and embodied connection. However, you are the one in control of what you do and explore here!

Everything is offered as an invitation that you can choose to accept or reject. Choice is a vital component and an important way you will cultivate your inner wisdom. Based on my skills and experience I will offer supportive suggestions and options, but you must be the one who decides what’s best for you.

In the Treatment Space

Sessions are often done in a seated position, however, we might do different movement exercises or table work as the need arises and based on your requests for care.

Hands-on Healing and Touch

I offer my healing services as a hands-off or as a hands-on practice. Not everyone is comfortable having someone touch them, and I see lots of people who think they are able to stay embodied with touch but find with further awareness that they are “leaving themselves” at some point in the engagement.

Sometimes touch is a necessary part of the process of accessing what we want and don’t want. It can also provide the human connection necessary to feel safe enough to return to an embodied state. Loving touch can calm the nervous systems, lower heart the heart rate, and create grounded embodied connections.

Unfortunately, there is a profound level of collective trauma around unwanted touch and many of us have been touched in ways that didn’t feel good. Healing this is delicate work which should be done slowly and with reverence.

The therapeutic container can be a place to heal and experience healing touch from a skilled practitioner that has no personal agenda. So I like to say that touch is a powerful medicine and one that should be initiated by you.

We will discuss this and come up with a shared agreement around your treatment plan and how you would like to incorporate or not incorporate touch into your session.

As A Practitioner

I am a certified hands-on healer, I can offer touch for consoling, for the movement and awakening of energy, for exercises that will aid in embodiment, and for support during discharge of emotion and held energies. I also offer therapeutic holding and different holding techniques can be used to aid and support your treatment.

In the treatment setting, I love to give hugs when you ask otherwise I will assume you don’t want one.

I won’t employ any hands-on, holding, or touch treatments without your consent to treat or without a very good reason, or extenuating circumstances!!!


Embodiment is intimately engaged with boundaries. Taking time to understand where your energetic, physical, personal, and relational boundaries exist is a vital part of embodiment. Our work together might involve self-practice or group work so that you can get really skilled at identifying your needs and wants. This will enable you to stay embodied with your own Self through the process of speaking your boundaries.

With a good understanding of our bounds, needs, wants, and preferences, we can expand our capacity to adapt and respond resiliently within a relationship with ourselves and with others, enabling us to actually get our needs met within a relationship.

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What is expected of you?

I understand you might be struggling or things might be a mess right now. Life takes us down some very interesting paths! Returning to the Self and the body after trauma, loss, illness, or dissociation, can be done and it takes time.

This process is a journey of returning home. I can not create this for you. This is your responsibility. I will walk with you, sit with you, hold you, guide you, and help hold you accountable to the goals you set, but in the end, this is your soul journey.

If you have active addition, physical disease, or active mental illness I expect you to get the care you need from doctors, therapists, and treatment programs dedicated to this work. I am not a medical doctor, a psychologist, or a social worker.

Please refrain from consuming mind-altering substances prior to our sessions and inform me of any prescribed substances-medications you are using.  Please notify me of any treatments, medical and psychological, that you are undergoing.

What it is not?

Lea Moon is not a licensed clinical therapist and this is not a medical setting. This is not intended to treat or serve those with mental illness or active addiction.

This is not a clinical therapeutic setting held within the legalities, confines, and ethics of the therapeutic mental health structure. This is companionship, listening, feedback, energy work, somatic bodywork, and therapeutic techniques that have been shown to increase life force energy, move energetic blockages, support increased awareness, and expand the individuals capacity for embodiment.

This is not life coaching that boasts a 30-day plan to turn your life around. Quick fixes last for as long as they take to employ. The intention here is to create a sustained change that you invest in over time. Your treatment plan should be continually reassessed so that it remains relevant and vital.

Live Alive Therapy™ addresses and heals our disconnect from body, Self, emotion, and soul.  Together we will work to reconnect you with your sacred Self so you can live a vital alive life!!


What setting is it in?

Sessions with Lea Moon are held within a variety of settings depending on the situation at hand. Most often sessions are held in a professional office in Portland or Cornish Maine. Client sessions are also offered online using Zoom.

Sometimes she meets with clients at the ocean, for walks, or in the garden. Nature is a vital component in our remembering our life force energy and our connection to the Whole.

Feel free to communicate your needs and desires regarding where your session is held and we will work together to find a setting that is conducive.

Lea likes to meet with potential new clients for a free initial 30-minute session, these sessions are held online, at scheduled events, or at local tea-coffee shops. This will give you a good idea about Lea as a practitioner and inform your decision about working together. Call 207-841-6510 or email livealivetherapy@gmail.com to set up your initial session.

Lea Moon
Master Healer and Guide

Lea Moon